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agoraphobia: noun Psychiatry. An abnormal fear of being in crowds, public places, or open areas, sometimes accompanied by anxiety attacks


In 2007 I fell Sick with Agoraphobia. I was out of order during two years. Almost without talking during this time, I found shelter in music.

Then I started playing guitar and writing a bunch of songs which explained my evolution since the sickness till my back in business .

Many musicians has played in the band and passed by till I found img estudio Paco Aranda. He truly trust my music and inspired me to start recording and share my experience. Then He introduced me the musicians who has recorded our first album, and other musicians like the Great Melodic Guitarist Neil Zaza, who was agree to collaborate with the band playing some amazing guitars and basses in this trip into sickness. At the end of the ember We have count on "La Sala de Máquinas" from Lorca (Murcia), who has mixed and mastered the sound of “The Dogs”.

As the project started running, many musicians has joined and gone away till the actual “Pack”img006 was finally formed by drummer Alonso Lomas and bassist Vicen Caracia. Now we are ready to Rock and bite!

What you are listening to, or what you are about to hear is just a real history of self- improvement , and fight against our own fears, and the prove of what Faith, strength, music and good friends can do.

Come on and join the pack!!!